Developing climate resilience of farming communities in the drought prone parts of Uzbekistan

Project goals

The UNDP project ‘Developing climate resilience of farming communities in the drought prone parts of Uzbekistan’ is funded by the Adaptation Fund under UNFCCC. It is aimed at increasing climate resilience of farming and pastoral communities that are living in Karakalpakstan (Aral Sea disaster region) to climate change impacts. Project will help the central, regional and local governments and vulnerable farmers and pastoralists to withstand the current and future impacts of climate change: aridification and projected drying of this region that places serious strains on water availability resulting in a decline in land productivity. The project comprises four main components: (i) institutional capacity and mechanisms for drought risk management and early warning; (ii) climate resilient agricultural and pastoral production systems; (iii) landscape level approach to adaptation to climate change risks of increased aridity; (iv) knowledge management and awareness raising.

The frequent occurrence of droughts in Karakalpakstan places serious strains on water availability. Despite considerable infrastructure investments in the agricultural sector and progressive reforms socially, vulnerable farmers and pastoralists that reside in arid and marginal lands do not benefit directly from these improvements. Urgent attention and tailored adaptation support is needed to propel the positive reform processes in the sector along the adaptation trajectory and at the same time reach out to the most vulnerable for urgent adaptation solutions.

Expected Results

  • The institutional and technical capacity for drought management and early warning developed.
  • Climate resilient farming practices established on subsistence dekhkan farms (households).
  • Landscape level adaptation measures for soil conservation and moisture retention improves climate resilience of over 1,000,000 ha of land.
  • Knowledge of climate resilient agricultural and pastoral production systems in arid lands generated and widely available.


Total Budget: USD 5,190,878
Adaptation Fund USD 4,990,878
UNDP USD 200,000

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