National Schedule in Biodiversity in Support of the Implementation of the CBD Strategic Plan in Uzbekistan in 2011-2020

Project Goal

One of Uzbekistan's unique speciesUNDP in Uzbekistan: The National Schedule in Biodiversity will play an important role in preserving endangered species native to Uzbekistan


Since July 7th 1995, Uzbekistan is a party to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Present project addresses the country’s need to continue to fulfil its obligations under the CBD, with particular focus on the Convention’s Article 6 and the CBD COP Decision X/2 and will contribute to the country's efforts in implementing the CBD Strategic Plan during 2011-2020 at the national level. Project was developed based on current conditions and achievements of Uzbekistan in the preparation of plans and accountability on biodiversity. This process is aimed at developing measurable goals in biodiversity conservation and it’s sustainable use, and equally it will ensure the preservation of value of products and services provided by ecosystems, and address the challenges and opportunities for adaptation and strengthening of resilience of ecosystems to climate change.

Integration of Uzbekistan's commitments ​​within the frame of CBD for 2011-2020 into the expedient documents of national and enterprise development through updated "action planning in support of biodiversity” with the wide participation of all stakeholders.

The project components are: (1) create national targets for biodiversity, corresponding to global Aichi targets; (2) review the National Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity Conservation (NBSAP) to ensure its compliance with the CBD strategic plan; and (3) help national partners raise funds, improve accountability for the Convention and national Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM).

Our Results

  • Revised the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) for the period of 2016-2025 with integration of new elements of the CBD Strategic Plan;
  • Established a Multilateral Working Group for the Project effective implementation;
  • Developed a strategy on financial resources mobilization for NBSAP implementation;
  • Conducted a Review of the country’s biodiversity planning processes with the broad participation of all stakeholders;
  • Developed National biodiversity targets in accordance with the global Aichi Targets;
  • Developed the Fifth National Report of the Republic of Uzbekistan on biodiversity conservation for submission to the CBD;
  • Enhanced the Clearing-House Mechanism as an efficient, user friendly and easily-updated web resource.


Total Budget: USD 370,000
GEF: USD 220,000
UNDP: USD 150,000
The Government of Uzbekistan (in-kind): USD 150,000