Inclusive and Democratic Governance

  • Support to Civil Service Training in Uzbekistan

    This project seeks to enhance the institutional mechanism for the continuous training of future government leaders and civil servants in Uzbekistan's public sector.

  • Local Governance Support Programme Phase-II

    Promoting more effective, accountable and inclusive governance in Uzbekistan by enhancing local government performance, increasing citizen participation and supporting accountability and transparency in local governance.

  • e-Government Promotion for  Improved Public Service Delivery

    The e-Government Promotion Project will focus on enhancing governance and achieving efficient, convenient, more responsive citizen-oriented public services delivery to provide better access to online public services in Uzbekistan.

  • Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan

    The ultimate goal of the Project is to strengthen public access to and trust in Uzbekistan’s civil court system. The Project works primarily with the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan, building on that institution’s political will and organizational capacity to build public trust and achieve greater alignment with internationally recognized standards of civil court’s accountability, rule of law and judicial performance.