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  • Episode 25 of UNews Weekly investigates Uzbekistan’s vulnerability to earthquakes and other natural disasters, and the efforts that UNDP is undertaking to ensure that all citizens know how to behave in such events.

  • Episode 26 of UNews Weekly looks into how UNDP has improved capacities within the field of public administration in Uzbekistan, and how cooperation between the national agency and international partners has ensured growth in the this field in the future.

  • Episode 21 of UNews Weekly highlights the success of the ’Local Governance Support: Participation and Partnership’ project in developing the accessibility and transparency of local government, particularly in the Namangan and Djizak regions.

  • Episode 22 of UNews Weekly considers how accessibility to and management of water supplies has been improved in the Zarafshan River Basin through the ‘Integrated Water Management and Water Efficiency Plan for the Zarafshan River Basin’ project.

  • Episode 23 of UNews Weekly overviews the essential work undertaken by the UNDP in combating the spread of HIV in Uzbekistan, and ensuring that vital prevention, treatment and counseling services are easily accessible and available.

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