Infographic - What is E-Participation?


Dynamic development of e-government in Uzbekistan and implementation of digital technologies for public service delivery requires feedback mechanism in place. This feedback mechanism in e-government concept is called e-participation. E-participation is the use of ICT for engaging the society in government’s decision-making and public policy.

One of the indicators in the UN E-Government Survey is E-Participation Index, which assesses effectiveness of ICT use in providing a dialogue between citizens, businesses and government authorities. Uzbekistan has gained 24 positions in the ranking moving from being 71th in 2014 to 47th in 2016. According to the 2016 Survey, the launch of utilities portals (, open data portal ( and legislative documents discussion portal ( were the key factors that ensured open, transparent and effective communication with the public. In this regard, it is important to raise awareness among government officials, citizens and businesses on e-participation and ways to promote it.

This infographics depicts forms, methodology and criteria for assessing e-participation, provides stats on major electronic platforms in Uzbekistan, and outlines directions for advancing e-participation in Uzbekistan.

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