Infographic - Single E-Services Portal 2.0: user-oriented


Joint project "E-Government Promotion for Improved Public Service Delivery" between the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications and UNDP has prepared an infographic, which shows the key amendments and new services in Single E-Services Portal 2.0.

Single E-Services Portal is a single way of access for citizens and entrepreneurs to public services and to the most significant information about them. The new version of the Single Portal includes services that are personally provided for users and available after authorization. For this reason, services are grouped by areas of citizen and entrepreneur. Single E-Services Portal is launched on May.

The process of registration is simplified and fully automatized. Single E-Services Portal is integrated with the Single System of Identification (SSI), complex of information system (CIM) “License”, “Tax”, “Clearing”, “Communal” and centralized database.

Personal cabinet of users also dramatically changed. Now citizens can fill their personal cabinet with the services they need by clicking on the service widget, which is automatically transferred to the user's personal cabinet. This way user can get more comfortable interface and economize his time in searching needed service.

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