Infographic - Filing Income Tax Declaration Service (As Is – To Be)

Number of public services in Uzbekistan are being converted to electronic form with revision of their interagency procedures. Electronic public service delivery significantly increases their accessibility, reduces corruption risk, time and cost both for the government and citizens.

However, before services are transferred to digital format and integrated with the Online Services Portal (, particular steps need to be taken in order to simplify administrative procedures, streamline inter-agency data exchange and re-engineer business processes (BPR). BPR is a prerequisite that would prevent introducing ICT in inefficient and outdated processes.

UNDP Project "E-Government Promotion for Improved Public Services Delivery" has prepared infographics "Filing Income Tax Declaration Service (As Is – To Be)" which demonstrates how to reduce the time, number of documents and procedures required to obtain this service while transforming it into electronic format with the use of business process reengineering methodology.

These proposals were submitted to the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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