Effective employment policies: ensuring employment opportunities for women

30 Jan 2012


Gender equality in the labour market and in employment assumes equal access of both women and men to all opportunities provided by the market (remunerative work in general, all kinds of activities, various work places, etc.). Despite positive changes in promoting equality between women and men achieved during Uzbekistan`s independence, ensuring gender equality in the country`s labour market continues to remain among the issues to be addressed. According to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics, women`s participation in the labour market is lower: the level of their economic activity is 8.3 percentage points less than the corresponding indicator for men and the employment rate is 9.1 p.p. lower than men`s. Women make more than half of the registered unemployed. There is high gender segregation in employment across sectors of economy and professions. The goal of this policy paper is to analyze the existing position of women and men in employment, define and analyze key causes of gender differentiation in the country`s labor market and develop recommendations on increasing the effectiveness of the state employment policy to ensure full realization of labour potential of women.

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