Looking Beyond the Horizon: Guidelines and Best Practices in Formulating National Visions

Published on 08 Jul 2014


This joint publication of the Center for Economic Research (CER) and UNDP provides a comprehensive overview of the approaches and methodologies used in developing long-term visions and development strategies, and describes major organisational preconditions and milestones used in formulating and implementing long-term visions and national development strategies. This publication is based on the experience of more than 25 countries, and a review of a number of publications regarding various aspects of longer-term development policy and foresight.

Countries which have proven innovative and prosperous are often those that have been able to shape their vision of the future, plan for changes and mitigate risks. In times of global uncertainty and vulnerability to financial and economic crisis, the necessity for countries to formulate long-term development strategies and to (re)define their development goals has become increasingly important. Moreover, we are rapidly approaching the post-MDG objectives, which will require concerted efforts in many development areas, with a focus on equitable and sustainable development.

To access the full database with the Visions’ Library, please, follow the link: http://vision.cer.uz

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