Economic Governance


How to Export Goods

The publication ‘How to Export Goods’ has been developed for potential exporters. It has been prepared in Uzbek and has been created for participants in foreign trade activities, including business owners, company managers and beginner exporters, for whom it will serve as a useful reference formore


Invest in Uzbekistan

Publication “Invest in Uzbekistan” is developed for potential foreign investors. The publication is prepared in English language, provides information about economic potential of Uzbekistan, business proposals by sectors, interviews with foreign investors and other essential information formore


Measures to Reduce the Level of Subventions to Local Budgets

The Analytical Report ‘Measures to Reduce the Level of Subventions to Local Budgets’ is an interagency analysis of the basic mechanisms of intergovernmental relations and subventions in Uzbekistan, undertaken in close connection with financial mechanisms within social spheres, including thosemore


Practical Guidelines for Preparing Business Plans

The ‘Practical Guidelines for Preparing Business Plans’ publication has been developed for both first-time business owners and experienced entrepreneurs. The guideline has been prepared in the Uzbek language, and provides information on the basic types of business entities, the stages of themore

OUR WORK - Economic Governance

UNDP’s work to enhance economic development in the Republic of Uzbekistan comes at an important time, as it continues its gradual economic transition and works to overcome hurdles appearing in the process. UNDP is working to improve economic governance in Uzbekistan, while working with civil society and the private sector to generate employment opportunities, improve rural livelihoods, introduce micro-finance and business advisory services, facilitate cross-learning and encourage entrepreneurship.