• “Pocket brochure” on key diseases and pests

    The handy illustrated pocket-sized cards are a convenient format to present background information on key diseases and pests and ways to deal with them.

  • “Pocket brochure” on new apple varieties

    The brochure has been developed with the financial support from ‘Sasol’ representative office in Uzbekistan.

  • Handbook on growing apple trees using intensive farming methods in Uzbekistan

    The handbook provides guidelines on some of the most effective apple cultivating technologies starting with planting the trees and all the way to pruning, applying fertilizers, controlling pests and diseases, harvesting the yields and marketing. The handbook also contains a business plan on how to create an orchard on one hectare land patch.

  • Cost of Doing Business in Uzbekistan (2016)

    The “Cost of Doing Business in Uzbekistan (2016)” Publication is designed to support investment and business activities in Uzbekistan and provides comprehensive overview of the major costs of starting up and doing business including enterprise registration, labor costs, taxes and tax preferences, licensing, foreign trade procedures, customs payments and preferences, business services, logistics and other types of business information.

  • Interactive online services for entrepreneurs

    The manual designed for entrepreneurs who want to improve their Internet user skills, provides detailed information on the following: virtual online opportunities for entrepreneurs, options of using online technologies for business development and instant messaging, description of useful web pages.