• Handbook 'Training, Trimming and Grafting Fruit Trees'

    Handbook ‘Training, Trimming and Grafting Fruit Trees’, provides instructions on development of fruit trees, trimming of stone and seed fruit trees, the general rules and methods of grafting fruit trees, as well as studying the issues with fruiting.

  • Export Products Catalogue

    The Export Products Catalogue provides general information on export oriented companies of Namangan Region, including detailed information on their 38 types of products, grouped into 6 broad categories such as Food and Beverages, Clothes and Shoes, Textile, Industry, Construction Materials and Others.

  • Investment Guide to the Fergana Valley

    This guide was prepared in order to provide essential information regarding the Fergana Valley to prospective foreign investors and other interested parties.

  • Investment Guide to the Food Processing Sector in Uzbekistan

    This guide provides an overview of the food processing sector in Uzbekistan, the conditions under which companies in the sector operate, and the investment opportunities the sector offers.

  • Looking Beyond the Horizon: Guidelines and Best Practices in Formulating National Visions

    This joint publication of the Center for Economic Research (CER) and UNDP provides a comprehensive overview of the approaches and methodologies used in developing long-term visions and development strategies, and describes major organisational preconditions and milestones used in formulating and implementing long-term visions and national development strategies.

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