• National Innovation System of Uzbekistan: Assessing the Potential and Performance

    The report provides for the first time a comprehensive review and evaluation of the National Innovation System of Uzbekistan and its components and capacity; identifies areas in which the country has a strong position and weak links and areas for further improvement.

  • Innovative Models of Socio-Economic Development

    The “Innovative models of Socio-economic Development” course is dedicated to the review of the theoretical framework of an innovation driven economy and generation of analytical skills for assessment of conditions, factors, and socio-economic results of innovative development models.

  • Internet for Entrepreneurs

    The publication is prepared for businessmen who wish to use Internet for business purposes. It provides thorough information about opportunities of Internet, tells how to use Internet and e-mail, describes latest technologies of fast connection, aims and opportunities of creating personal web-page.

  • Civil Legal Contracts

    The Practical Manual presents a unique material concerning signing legal contracts, including the procedures of making various economic and commercial contracts.

  • Theory and practice of public-private partnership

    Training module 'Theory and practice of public-private partnership' intended for use in training programmes of higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan and for development of courses for specialists of state agencies, banks and other organizations.

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