Economic Governance


Looking Beyond the Horizon: Guidelines and Best Practices in Formulating National Visions

This joint publication of the Center for Economic Research (CER) and UNDP provides a comprehensive overview of the approaches and methodologies used in developing long-term visions and development strategies, and describes major organisational preconditions and milestones used in formulating andmore


Manual on Marketing

The ‘Manual on Marketing’ published in Uzbek provides a general definition of marketing, while describing approaches and practical recommendations for conducting marketing analysis, product strategy, product delivery, establishing communication with consumers, price-setting and pricing policies. more


Portrait of a Businesswoman

The role of women in business is increasing worldwide, but we know very little about what their actual experiences and lifestyles are like. To answer some related questions, the ‘Business Forum of Uzbekistan’ project conducted a study, and based on the results formulated a portrait of an averagemore


Investment guide to the pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan

Investment guide to the pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan provides a comprehensive overview of pharmaceutical industry as well as industry development prospects in order to encourage both domestic and foreign investments.  The guide also provides overview of a national UzPharmsanoatmore

OUR WORK - Economic Governance

UNDP’s work to enhance economic development in the Republic of Uzbekistan comes at an important time, as it continues its gradual economic transition and works to overcome hurdles appearing in the process. UNDP is working to improve economic governance in Uzbekistan, while working with civil society and the private sector to generate employment opportunities, improve rural livelihoods, introduce micro-finance and business advisory services, facilitate cross-learning and encourage entrepreneurship.