Environment & Energy


Karakalpakstan Biodiversity Atlas

This publication has been prepared by the UNDP-GEF ‘Conservation of Tugai Forests and Strengthening Protected Areas System in the Amudarya Delta of Karakalpakstan’ project. The atlas overviews the main species of superior plants and vertebrates living in Karakalpakstan. These species are includedmore


Livestock Production in Uzbekistan: Current State, Challenges and Prospects

This publication is a unique resource which provides a detailed study of the dairy livestock sector in Uzbekistan, covering a time period reaching from independence to the current day. The publication addresses current development challenges, while highlighting the important factors that impedemore


Newsletter from the Global Environmental Facility’s Small Grants Programme in Uzbekistan - # 1

At present, the GEF SGP is the world’s largest programme established to provide small grants for environment protection projects. It has already been two years since the programme started its work in Uzbekistan. We have by now achieved good results in the promotion of clean energy to meet people’smore


Newsletter of GEF/UNDP project “Promoting Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Uzbekistan” - 3rd Edition

This publication provides information about the latest activities of the ‘Promoting Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Uzbekistan’ project, as implemented by UNDP/GEF and the State Committee for Architecture and Construction of Uzbekistan. The publication contains details about the project’smore


Newsletter of the GEF/UNDP Project ‘Promoting Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Uzbekistan’ - 2ndEdition

The 2nd Edition of the Newsletter of the GEF/UNDP project ‘Promoting Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Uzbekistan’ contains information on five key areas. These include 1) the 2nd Project Board, 2) the Danish experience in promoting energy efficiency, 3) the learning seminar conducted beforemore


Planning for the Future Today

This newsletter was prepared by the joint UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan project ‘Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Efficiency Plan for Zarafshan River Basin’. The purpose of this newsletter is to update different audiences andmore


Uzbekistan’s climatic and geographic features, and its unique ecosystems which are home to globally significant flora and fauna, have made environmental sustainability a national priority. Given rapid economic development in recent years, Uzbekistan recognises the need to balance economic growth and environmental protection. Therefore, a major national objective is to ensure that Uzbekistan’s environment is effectively protected and sustainably utilised for the benefit of future generations. Through capacity building and piloting initiatives, UNDP has contributed to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal 7 and corresponding national MDG targets.