Environment & Energy

  • Manual for nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA)Sep 23, 2015Manual for nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA)The guidance "Manual for nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA)" (in Russian) tailored for developers and initiators of NAMAs providing recommendations for elaboration of NAMA concepts, as well as NAMA financing, monitoring, verification and reporting.

  • Creation of market conditions for RES in Syrdarya ProvinceSep 23, 2015Creation of market conditions for RES in Syrdarya ProvinceThe report "Creation of market conditions for RES in Syrdarya Province" (in Russian) was developed with a view to support the potential of renewable energy sources (RES) in Syrdarya Province on the examples of solar, wind and biogas energy.

  • Women in Sustainable Rural Development Jan 10, 2012Women in Sustainable Rural DevelopmentThe purpose of this Newsletter is to inform different audiences and key stakeholders in water management and environmental protection as well as donors on rural women’s role in water management.

  • Planning for the Future TodayDec 4, 2012Planning for the Future Today

  • GEF-UNDP Small Grants Programme NewsletterJan 29, 2013GEF-UNDP Small Grants Programme Newsletter


Uzbekistan’s climatic and geographic features, and its unique ecosystems which are home to globally significant flora and fauna, have made environmental sustainability a national priority. Given rapid economic development in recent years, Uzbekistan recognises the need to balance economic growth and environmental protection. Therefore, a major national objective is to ensure that Uzbekistan’s environment is effectively protected and sustainably utilised for the benefit of future generations. Through capacity building and piloting initiatives, UNDP has contributed to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal 7 and corresponding national MDG targets.