Toolkit for Parliamentarians on Human Development

01 Aug 2011


Current publication is aimed at awareness-raising of the Legislative Chamber’s deputies and members of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the relevance of human development paradigm to 3 core functions of the Parliament: law-making, representation and over sight. The toolkit is enriched with international experience and intends to facilitate functional attributes of parliamentarians with clear understanding that people should be seen as the end of societal development and perceived as the real wealth of the nation. Publications calls for parliamentarians to perform their every day duties at the interest of every citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan, observe people’s rights to decent healthcare, education, enable environment for people to exercise their creativity and productivity, expand people’s active civic participation, choices and freedoms, rights to fulfill their capabilities and potential, and safeguard human security of current and future generations.

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