The ins and outs of Inheritance law

27 Dec 2017


The ‘Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan’ project, undertaken in partnership between USAID, UNDP and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, has sought to make inheritance law simple to understand. It has developed two accessible publications: the practical ‘Inheritance Law’ handbook, and the ‘Inheritance Law in Uzbekistan’ brochure.

The handbook explains what succession rights are, how to create and officially register a last will and testament (in various formats), how inheritance is distributed, and relevant rights and obligations. The book content is accurate and definitive, based on both international agreements and national-level documentation. It is designed to be accessible to ordinary citizens, providing practical solutions to common challenges and conflicts. There are clear visual illustrations of processes, extensive question and answer sections, and overviews of common problematic cases and their solutions.

Additionally, the brochure offers a briefer snapshot of the law and its purpose, explained in more depth within the handbook. The brochure explains the concept of inheritance, what a last will and testament needs to contain, how inheritance is divided, and the role notaries play in the inheritance process. This content is explained through informative and engaging infographics.

Informing citizens about the rules and legal surrounding inheritance will hopefully strengthen families and communities, while also reducing pressures on judges and legal professionals.

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