Handbook on mid-term budget formation

15 Feb 2018


The join project "Local Government Support Program / Phase II" of the Cabinet of Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and United National Development Programm with co-financing of the grant from the British Embassy in Uzbekistan has prepared a methodical handbook on mid-term budget formation for the city of Namangan.

The handbook consists of two parts and is aimed at full coverage of the process of mid-term budget formation. The first part provides a theoretical description of the system and structure of the budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In the second part, the processes of mid-term budget formation are highlighted. As part of the preparation of the handbook, experts conducted a survey among staff of budget-financed organizations in the Namangan city.

Under the concept of mid-term budget formation, the process of mid-term budgeting will be based on top-down and bottom-up approaches. That is, with the "top-down" approach based on models of macroeconomic forecasting, the upper bounds of the 3-4-year budget will be determined, with the approach "from the bottom up" - the 3-4-year need for budget funds in the form of budget requests from ministries and departments will be determined.

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