A Brief Report about Social Policy in Baltic States

22 Oct 2015


Promoting the formation of social policy in the country as well as creation of an enabling environment for social inclusion of people with disabilities through the implementation of social programmes are amongst of the priorities of UNDP Uzbekistan. The concept focuses on promoting social model and moving away medical approach to disability issues with effective coordination of social programmes in state level.


In the aim learning best practices in the field social protection and improving medical-labor examination system of persons with disabilities and for further introduction of ICF WHO in Uzbekistan UNDP conducted a brief report about social policy in Baltic states. The report includes practices of management of medical-social examination system, appointments of pensions, benefits and services for people with disabilities and the use of international best practices in the field of social protection of vulnerable groups and minorities


Also, one of the main aim of this survey is enhancing inter-agency coordination in the field of social protection of vulnerable population.

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