Democratic Governance


Civil Legal Contracts

This practical manual presents information concerning signing legal contracts, including the procedures used in preparing various economic and commercial contracts, samples of over 100 contracts and applications used by businesspeople, and descriptions of the legal basis used for settling disputesmore


Promoting the Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Uzbekistan: Challenges and Prospects

The number of people with disabilities in Uzbekistan is more than 780,000, 97,000 of whom are under 16. The economic benefits of employing people with disabilities, along with the benefits to the state, are significant. It is also important to recognise the social benefits of their employment, bothmore


Analysis of the current investment conditions

The note is devoted to analysis of the current investment conditions, the issues of investment increase in the regions of Uzbekistan. The paper shows that one of the key factors limiting the attraction of investment to the regions, is a centralized authority to access investments in the region,more


The UNDP Democratic Governance Unit works to enhance the efficiency, transparency and accountability of government in Uzbekistan. In close cooperation with government partners the unit has improved citizen access to service, decentralised public administration, and enhanced parliamentary capacity. It has also reinforced NGO-government partnerships to support vulnerable women and people with disabilities, addressed the HIV epidemic in Uzbekistan, promoted volunteerism as a means for social change, and helped introduce economic diplomacy.