Inclusive and Democratic Governance
  • This handbook provides an overview of chambers operations and the work of the federal courts. It covers functions and the role of law clerks, conduct, ethics and protocol, and overview of civil litigation process. It does not provide detailed procedures on every aspect of a law clerk’s daily tasks or review the procedures of each individual court (this is in large part because the duties of law clerks vary from judge to judge). Law clerks should become familiar with local court procedures and inquire about a local chambers manual.

  • Promoting the formation of social policy in the country as well as creation of an enabling environment for social inclusion of people with disabilities through the implementation of social programmes are amongst of the priorities of UNDP Uzbekistan. The concept focuses on promoting social model and moving away medical approach to disability issues with effective coordination of social programmes in state level.

  • The report focuses on a number of e-Justice systems implemented in different national domains, focuses on the lessons learned from each project and additionally the positive aspects that enabled them to establish a best practice in the area of e-Justice.

  • One Stop Shop (OSS) provides multi-channel public services delivery to businesses and citizens in a single window.

  • This manual is intended to encourage judges and law clerks to think critically about their writing- not only about what to include and what to exclude but also about how to write well. We expect that newly appointed judges and law clerks will be the principal users of this manual.

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