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  • Textbook on Civil Service

    Textbook on Civil Service is the result of a collaborative effort of professors and teaching staff of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and project staff at the UNDP "Local Governance Support Project: Phase - 2".

  • Modelling an Optimized Investment Approach for Uzbekistan

    The report aims to contribute to the development of sustainable financing strategies for the national HIV response in the shor, mid and long term perspectives by modelling the impact of alternative investment approaches. Three investment scenarios have been analyzed using investment level of Y 2012 as the reference.

  • The open data concept as part of e-governance reform in Uzbekistan

    The policy brief contains an analysis of the current state and a way forward to develop the open data concept as part of e-governance reform in Uzbekistan. It identifies key challenges and issues constraining the development of open data in the country, and determines legal, organizational, technical, awareness-raising and other measures to overcome them.

  • Civil Litigation Manual - Federal Judicial Center

    The Civil Litigation Management Manual was prepared under the direction of the Committee on Court Administration and Case Management of the Judicial Conference. The manual was written for United States judges to help them secure “the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action.” It is one more response to a need frequently expressed by judges—that is, to learn about the case management practices of other judges. Thus, the manual reflects, in its text and in the forms included in Appendix A, the varied experiences of district and magistrate judges. The discussion in the manual’s first six sections generally follows the chronology of a civil case.

  • Law Clerk Handbook - Federal Judicial Center

    This handbook provides an overview of chambers operations and the work of the federal courts. It covers functions and the role of law clerks, conduct, ethics and protocol, and overview of civil litigation process. It does not provide detailed procedures on every aspect of a law clerk’s daily tasks or review the procedures of each individual court (this is in large part because the duties of law clerks vary from judge to judge). Law clerks should become familiar with local court procedures and inquire about a local chambers manual.

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