Inclusive and Democratic Governance
  • The main goal of this analytical report is to identify the relevance of social services provided by NGOs, identification of key tasks and risks in this area, development of proposals and recommendations to further increase utilization of NGOs’ capacity.

  • This manual has been prepared in accordance with the applicable legislation on courts of Uzbekistan, procedures for individual court applications; proceedings in the civil courts; decisions of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as other legal acts. A simplified language is used in the manual for better public access and understanding.

  • This manual contains theory as well practical recommendations for consideration of labour disputes. There are some important circumstances listed in the manual, which need to be taken into account while considering labour disputes, along with the examples of judicial decisions on commonly encountered disputes. The manual is designed for judges, lawyers, legal experts, students and those interested in law.

  • This brochure provides a thorough introduction to the issues of alimony recovery proceeding by initiation of legal action; determination of child support payments amount; as well as how to apply to a court for the issuance of a court order or writ; what is action proceedings; what types of income are subject to maintenance deduction; what actions to take in case of evasion of payment of alimony.

  • Public services is a modern institution, which is a logical and significant outcome of the successful trend toward liberalization and modernization of the public administration, consistently pursued by the Government of Uzbekistan.

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