Inclusive and Democratic Governance
  • Informing citizens about the rules and legal surrounding inheritance will hopefully strengthen families and communities, while also reducing pressures on judges and legal professionals.

  • The handbook consists of two parts and is aimed at full coverage of the process of mid-term budget formation. The first part provides a theoretical description of the system and structure of the budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In the second part, the processes of mid-term budget formation are highlighted. As part of the preparation of the handbook, experts conducted a survey among staff of budget-financed organizations in the Namangan city.

  • This manual contains theory as well practical recommendations for consideration of labour disputes. There are some important circumstances listed in the manual, which need to be taken into account while considering labour disputes, along with the examples of judicial decisions on commonly encountered disputes.

  • The ‘Rule of Law Partnership in Uzbekistan’ project, undertaken in partnership between USAID, UNDP and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, has sought to make inheritance law simple to understand. It has developed two accessible publications: the practical ‘Inheritance Law’ handbook, and the ‘Inheritance Law in Uzbekistan’ brochure.

  • This brochure is an attempt to review, summarize and identify the most effective and relevant current trends in developing and reforming various models of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the USA, India, Australia, Canada, European Union countries, the UK, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, thus covering all regions of the world. It allows us to study a variety of experiences and identify the one, which most meets interests of Uzbekistan.

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