Democratic Governance

  • Manual for composition of judicial decisionsManual for composition of judicial decisionsThe given manual provides methodical recommendations on the compositions of court decisions, and templates of depersonalized court decisions on various categories of civil cases. The manual is aimed at creating a common judicial practice in composition of court decisions.

  • Undisputed claim proceedings: Issuing court order via E-SUD electronic case management systemUndisputed claim proceedings: Issuing court order via E-SUD electronic case management systemThe manual provides an overview of the essential elements of writ proceedings, the process of the review of claim applications and the composition of court order, as well as the specific situations and challenges that judges should pay their attention to, examples and statistical data. In addition, in order to assist the creation of common judicial practice in issuing court orders, the manual provides examples and templates related to different types of undisputed claims.

  • UNDP GGU Newsletter, Issue 6 UNDP GGU Newsletter, Issue 6UNDP Good Governance newsletter directed to dissemination of information about activity of the Unit to public and donor community.

  • Practical Manual on Regulatory Impact Assessment Practical Manual on Regulatory Impact AssessmentThe main purpose of this Manual, developed in the framework of the joint project of UNDP “Support to enhancement of lawmaking, rulemaking and regulatory impact assessment“ project, implemented with the Institute for Monitoring of Current Legislation under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is the disclosure of the practicalities of RIA and its benefits, as well as to introduce readers with the specifics and results of the implementation of this system in other countries.

  • E-SUD National E-Justice System: User HandbookE-SUD National E-Justice System: User HandbookThis manual provides general information on the national information system of electronic case management - E-SUD, as well as detailed explanation of the work flow of the information system and procedure of filing applications/petitions to the civil courts. The manual is intended for general users, personnel of courts, judges, lawyers, experts in law, students and other interested readers.


The UNDP Democratic Governance Unit works to enhance the efficiency, transparency and accountability of government in Uzbekistan. In close cooperation with government partners the unit has improved citizen access to service, decentralised public administration, and enhanced parliamentary capacity. It has also reinforced NGO-government partnerships to support vulnerable women and people with disabilities, addressed the HIV epidemic in Uzbekistan, promoted volunteerism as a means for social change, and helped introduce economic diplomacy.